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Spring colours
Abstracted Garden
BTECH Diploma in Graphic Design from the Reigate School of Art and Design, East Surrey College.

After working as a Graphic Designer for a few years, I turned to full time painting since 1990 for health reasons. As a Landscape painter I work primarily with Acrylic and Oils. My style has been evolving from a representational to a more semi abstract and abstract expression. In my paintings I explore the natural beauty of landscapes with emotive perception using free flowing shimmering colours and imaginative translations. Vibrant colours have been my passion, however, emotional responses do govern my use of colours!

Although resident in England since 1983, I have lived in several countries and so my paintings echo my journey through life and can be found in collections all over the world.

I have been exhibiting and painting regularly since 1971. In 1988, I was commissioned by London Underground’s Construction Company to paint large outdoor murals for their Construction sites at Bethnal Green (this was136 feet long) and a second smaller one at St John’s Wood Tube station. Both were temporary panels that subsequently were moved around to different London Underground Construction sites. During 1978-82, I executed several large murals in Mombasa, Kenya.

I am a member of various Art groups in England and participate in exhibitions throughout the year. My vision is to transmit the lightness and joy of our physical and metaphysical dimensions.

Jayashree Jaipal

Please do look through my website to view my paintings and information on the exhibitions I have had, both solo and with groups.

Jayashree Jaipal
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